The Hometuit Story

Hometuit combines technology, innovative software, and expert customer service to make buying or selling a home fast and easy.

Our Goal
Make buying or selling a home simple, enjoyable, and efficient.
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    The old way

    Before Hometuit, you could buy or sell a home on your own and save some cash, but it was a pain in the butt. Or you could hire an agent, but you’d have to give your agent a whopping 6% in commissions and end up doing most of the work anyway.

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    Why isn’t there a better way?

    That’s what we wondered, too. With so much access to information and resources, why isn’t it easier to buy or sell a home? It should be. That’s why we created Hometuit.

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    The new way

    In early 2015, we came together to build a technology company that automates and streamlines real estate transactions. This much-needed option helps buyers and sellers handle much of the transaction online, provides experts when you need them, and keeps fees affordable. Since we launched, the Hometuit team has grown to over 75 people who all share the same passion for transforming home buying and selling. Hometuit has proven to skeptics that home buying and selling can be simple and inexpensive while making a real difference in people’s lives. Hometuit has become a household name in Utah and has just launched in Phoenix, AZ.

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